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Bicycle Maintenance Tips

Your bike requires a lot of care and maintenance to help it perform better, safely, enjoyable and comfortable. Keeping your bike in top shape will make sure that your bikes life is prolonged, helping you save money. You will enjoy your ride if you do not have to stand on the side off the road with a broken chain. Here are a few maintenance tips that are provided by some of the best Bike store mississauga.


Keep your bike clean

Bikes which are cleaned regularly are easier to maintain. Just a simple wash with water and sponge with degreaser applied to the chain will be enough. After rinsing dry the bike in and add some lubricants to the chain and gears. Especially if you stay in an area where there is a lot of rain.



Check your tyres regularly as they are prone to cuts which can puncture the tyre. It is a very quick and easy procedure that requires regular checks. Also, make sure that your tyre is pumped to a pressure of about 90-100psi as it idea for a smooth ride.



Ensure that your brakes are not worn down, this is one of the common cause of your bicycle to wear down prematurely. If you find that there are grittiness to your brake with a creaking sound you get your brakes checked.


Creaks and Knocks

Often you see that there is a sound that comes while you move your bike back and forth. This might be because of the pressure that the bike has to endure, which results in the bike loosening over time. This can be easily repaired if addressed on time.


Squeaky saddle

Saddle if squeaky can get a bit annoying and this gets worse when with each paddle stroke the squeak gets worse. It is quite easy to fix just remove the clamp, clean the rails, and apply light oil and wipe off.



Ensuring that gears can properly shift will help you when you might get caught on a steep climb. Also, keep your jockey wheels moving by cleaning and lubricating them as this is the most neglected part of a bike which can gather dust quickly and cause the annoying squeaking noise.



Always check your wheels before you go on a ride. Make sure that they don’t catch on brakes or get wobbly. Also, squeeze the spikes to ensure that none of them is loose. Wheel truing skill should be done by a professional.


Squeaking chain

A squeaking chain is a noise that is caused by the friction between cassette and chain, which wears out both components. Looking after your chain is as simple as putting on some light lubricant and wiping it off will ensure that there are no squeaks when it comes to your bike’s chain.

Exercise guide for rowing machine

Health and fitness is an essential aspect for an individual to achieve the set personal goals in life. Regular exercise is used in ensuring that a person attains the desired health and fitness to facilitate daily activities. The rowing machine is used in offering relaxation and weight loss of users for a steady flow of life. Rather than going to gym, many prefer to do simple workouts with rowing machines. If you have decided to buy one check out rowing machines on . They offer a wide range of choices at amazing prizes.


Guide to use a rowing machine

It is crucial for a person to have a proper understanding of using the rowing machine for fitness. The guidelines are necessary for handling common mistakes while using the rowing machine for exercise. Proper positioning is ideal to obtain a good result from the exercise sessions using the rowing machine.

Legs straight

The legs should be straight in ensuring that there is a proper rolling of the body front and backward. The feet should not be placed too high on the rowing machine as it will reduce exercise effectiveness. Correct positioning of legs is obtained by an individual by evaluating the comfort in that position.

Lean back slightly

After discovering the correct position to place the feet and keeping the legs straight, one is required to lean backward. The backward leaning provides the body with a relaxation needed to start exercise. The exercise strokes used by an individual are determined by way of leaning in the rowing machine.

Elbow pointed outwards

The elbow should point outwards after the legs are straight and body leaning back slightly. The elbow point outwards with the aim of providing a good room for exercise. Wrist and triceps are exercised well when the elbow is pointing outward.

Arms away

It is important to start with arms away where the movement of arms is done without any other part of the body moving. The exercise provides an individual with a proper result of using a rowing machine to boost your hand muscles. Hand muscles are developed by moving arms forward and backward while the back and legs remain straight.

Body over

The body over technique is used to exercise a large part of the body by using a rowing machine to move all body parts forwards and backward. The spine and hamstring are made stable by the body over the technique of rowing machine exercise. It is important for one to have an allowance to ensure that there is free movement of the back, legs, and hands.

Move forward using the rowing machine

The forward movement of rowing machine is attained by an individual by using the hands and legs to push forwards. While pushing forwards, an individual is expected to ensure that the knees are slightly below the hand. In case an individual roll forward and the knees are above the hand one is required to adjust the position.

Move backward

The backward movement is performed when an individual reaches the frame of the rowing machine. The seat and rowing handle is used in moving backward to exercise all parts of the body regularly. It is recommendable that an individual repeats the forwards and backward movement for a good result. The multi-function monitor is used by an individual to check exercise progress.

Tips to stay healthy in college

stay healthy

College Is a phase in your life when you can be very easily tempted to stray away from a healthy lifestyle. Staying away from home for the first time, new friends, new cities, peer pressure are all contributing factors for the same. A lot of college-going kids either leave college quite a few pounds heavier or a few pounds lighter, exhausted and unhealthy. It isn’t easy to keep track of your life when you’re in college and hence, to help you with the same we have listed out some tips for college kids to stay healthy.

Eating right is a fundamental factor that contributes to staying healthy in college. Despite the various options available, make sure that you don’t spend all your money on junk food every day, even if the meals in your hostel don’t taste as good. Don’t use early classes as an excuse to miss breakfast. Make sure to grab three meals a day even if it’s just a granola bar or a banana. Keep control over the midnight snacking and stress eating. Make sure that you don’t binge on too many burgers or pizzas every night for this is extremely unhealthy for your body and you will quickly gain weight. Limit your snacking to fruits, nuts etc.

Eat healthy food

Don’t spend all your time after college cooped up in your room watching a sitcom and snacking. It is important that you devote at least some of your time to exercising. This can include going to a gym or dance class or something as simple as going on a walk or jog every morning. Try and walk to college every day instead of relying on a friend or public transport.

Sleep is one of the biggest challenges faced by all college going students, who often stay up for wee hours of the night either working, partying or binge-watching TV shows. This is extremely unhealthy for both your body and mind. Attempt to at least get six hours of sleep every night, avoid too much caffeine and try to sneak in a nap or so every day.

Anything in excess can quickly destroy you. Make sure that you don’t succumb to peer pressure or simply develop the unhealthy habit of chain smoking or drinking too much. While this may seem fun at the time, In the long run, this can easily destroy your organs beyond repair.

The importance of fitness in your 30’s


Your 30’s is an important turning point in your life where you need to start taking your health more seriously. Eating healthy and proper fitness should be part of your consideration to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Working out regularly can have a great positive impact on your life, you can expect to see an increase in energy, ability to maintain physical function and help reduce and prevent many complications that can arise from chronic diseases.

Some of the advantages of being fit include the decrease in risk of diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, improvement in mental health, quality of sleep and bone health. It can prevent the risk of early death and is a great source of stress relief. But the biggest difficulty in changing your lifestyle is the lack of motivation to do so. Finding motivation can be hard so you need to remind yourself every now and then why you are trying to change your life, why you are trying to become healthy. It can be because you want to be a positive role model for your kids or to a hit a body weight goal or even just to decrease the chance of serious illnesses like heart problems later on down the line. As long as you want to do it, you can do it.


The next question that people have after motivation is how much should you work out and for how long. Experts believe that adults aged between 18 and 64 should follow these recommendations.

• 2.5 hours of moderate intensity workout or 1.25 hours of high-intensity workout every week. They can be any type of physical aerobic activity.

• Include a workout that uses all of the major muscle groups as they will help increase your strength. Do these exercises at least two days a week or more.

• For more results, it is recommended to increase moderate-intensity workouts to 5 hours or increase high-intensity workouts to 2.5 hours a week.

Women around this age will be thinking about having children and it is a great idea to stay in shape. It will be beneficial for you and for your child as it reduces the chances of complications during pregnancy. Healthy pregnant women should get at least 2.5 hours of moderate intensity workouts in a week. Make sure to spread it throughout the entire week.

Your 30’s will be a changing point in life. Your priorities before this would have been family or work and your health was always neglected. But the time has come for you to strongly reconsider that so you are

Healthy eating tips for infants and toddlers

Healthy Food

Health greatly depends on what YOU put on your plate. The output that you see externally on your body and health is a result of your input, that is, food intake. It is very important that you monitor your child’s food intake from birth. Healthy eating and a balanced meal can work wonders on your body and keep you fit and active. It is hence, especially helpful if you start as a child. In this article, we have listed out some healthy eating tips for infants and toddlers.


A child’s health is always dependant on the mother. Especially as infants, mothers are solely responsible for what nutrition goes into their baby’s body. It is important that new moms rely more on breastfeeding rather than just feeding formula to the baby because breast milk is more healthy and nutritious than anything you can give your child.


There is a good chance that your baby like every other, has a few foods they aren’t particularly psyched about. Quite the contrary, they might scream their lungs off if you try to feed them the same. However, it is important that you don’t give up as a mom. Just because your baby made a funny face or cried the first time you fed him or her green vegetables doesn’t mean you should cave and stop including it in their diets. Don’t let your baby scare you away from feeding him or her healthy food.

It is never healthy to just feed your baby the same formula for months on an end because one, he or she will quickly get bored of it and two, formula alone will not provide all the required nutrition. Slowly start introducing your child to other important food items like vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy etc. in order to encourage a balanced diet which they can continue throughout their lifetime. A healthy lifestyle starts at home and should be introduced by the mother.



Instead of always relying on the baby formula you find in supermarkets that you just need to add milk or water too, learn to make food yourself for your baby. Home cooked meals are always the healthiest no matter how much any of these food brands promote healthy ingredients.


Be patient when it comes to feeding your baby. As mentioned above, there is definitely a chance they will not like certain foods and will make their feelings clear about the same through screaming and crying. Instead of forcing it down their throats, have patience be persistent. Little children always imitate very thing parents or older siblings do. Try to set an example by eating healthy food yourself, so your child imitates you.

Eight healthy eating goals

Healthy Heating

Keeping yourself healthy can be very motivating and fill you with a lot of energy throughout the day. It can help you keep fit and be able to perform at your best. But many people find it extremely hard to eat healthy every day. Usually, they suddenly try to jump to a new healthy diet and do not take steps toward a healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t work. This article will list a few small changes you can make your life that will have huge impacts on your health. You can try to incorporate one of the following into lifestyle every week.

1. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables:
Choose vegetables of red, orange and dark-green colour like tomatoes, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Add these into your existing diet and have a bunch of fruits for dessert. The more colourful veggies and fruits you incorporate, the more you are getting important nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fibre. These will ensure that you are healthy.

2. Make half the grain you eat whole grain
Whole grain is extremely healthy and the best way to incorporate it into your life is to replace things you already eat with the whole grain version. For example, switch to whole-wheat bread instead of white bread. There are a lot of great whole grain ingredients you can consider. The most popular options include whole-wheat, brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, quinoa, etc.


3. Try leaner cuts of meat
Protein is an important nutrient for the body and we get protein from foods like meat, poultry, nuts, eggs, etc. But the downside is that some protein-rich foods like beef aren’t as healthy as others. But no one is telling you to stop eating it. Instead, try to get leaner cuts of beef (90% or higher) and other lean meat like turkey breast and chicken breast.

4. Compare sodium in foods
There are labels on foods for a reason to use it to get lower sodium version of products you already consume. These could be foods like soup, bread, and frozen ready to eat meals. It is recommended when buying canned foods, look for ones labelled “low sodium”.

5. Eat Seafood More
Seafood is extremely healthy and they have everything you need to stay healthy and live longer. They are rich in protein, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids which is very rare to find in other foods. Adults should try to incorporate at least eight ounces (roughly 250g) in your diet.

6. Cut down on solid fats
Solid fats can cause obesity if eaten too much. Cutting down fatty foods like cakes, cookies and other desserts can cause a big improvement to your health. Also, make sure to cut down on processed foods like pizza and burgers which are also rich in bad fats.

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