Your bike requires a lot of care and maintenance to help it perform better, safely, enjoyable and comfortable. Keeping your bike in top shape will make sure that your bikes life is prolonged, helping you save money. You will enjoy your ride if you do not have to stand on the side off the road with a broken chain. Here are a few maintenance tips that are provided by some of the best Bike store mississauga.


Keep your bike clean

Bikes which are cleaned regularly are easier to maintain. Just a simple wash with water and sponge with degreaser applied to the chain will be enough. After rinsing dry the bike in and add some lubricants to the chain and gears. Especially if you stay in an area where there is a lot of rain.



Check your tyres regularly as they are prone to cuts which can puncture the tyre. It is a very quick and easy procedure that requires regular checks. Also, make sure that your tyre is pumped to a pressure of about 90-100psi as it idea for a smooth ride.



Ensure that your brakes are not worn down, this is one of the common cause of your bicycle to wear down prematurely. If you find that there are grittiness to your brake with a creaking sound you get your brakes checked.


Creaks and Knocks

Often you see that there is a sound that comes while you move your bike back and forth. This might be because of the pressure that the bike has to endure, which results in the bike loosening over time. This can be easily repaired if addressed on time.


Squeaky saddle

Saddle if squeaky can get a bit annoying and this gets worse when with each paddle stroke the squeak gets worse. It is quite easy to fix just remove the clamp, clean the rails, and apply light oil and wipe off.



Ensuring that gears can properly shift will help you when you might get caught on a steep climb. Also, keep your jockey wheels moving by cleaning and lubricating them as this is the most neglected part of a bike which can gather dust quickly and cause the annoying squeaking noise.



Always check your wheels before you go on a ride. Make sure that they don’t catch on brakes or get wobbly. Also, squeeze the spikes to ensure that none of them is loose. Wheel truing skill should be done by a professional.


Squeaking chain

A squeaking chain is a noise that is caused by the friction between cassette and chain, which wears out both components. Looking after your chain is as simple as putting on some light lubricant and wiping it off will ensure that there are no squeaks when it comes to your bike’s chain.

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