College Is a phase in your life when you can be very easily tempted to stray away from a healthy lifestyle. Staying away from home for the first time, new friends, new cities, peer pressure are all contributing factors for the same. A lot of college-going kids either leave college quite a few pounds heavier or a few pounds lighter, exhausted and unhealthy. It isn’t easy to keep track of your life when you’re in college and hence, to help you with the same we have listed out some tips for college kids to stay healthy.

Eating right is a fundamental factor that contributes to staying healthy in college. Despite the various options available, make sure that you don’t spend all your money on junk food every day, even if the meals in your hostel don’t taste as good. Don’t use early classes as an excuse to miss breakfast. Make sure to grab three meals a day even if it’s just a granola bar or a banana. Keep control over the midnight snacking and stress eating. Make sure that you don’t binge on too many burgers or pizzas every night for this is extremely unhealthy for your body and you will quickly gain weight. Limit your snacking to fruits, nuts etc.

Eat healthy food

Don’t spend all your time after college cooped up in your room watching a sitcom and snacking. It is important that you devote at least some of your time to exercising. This can include going to a gym or dance class or something as simple as going on a walk or jog every morning. Try and walk to college every day instead of relying on a friend or public transport.

Sleep is one of the biggest challenges faced by all college going students, who often stay up for wee hours of the night either working, partying or binge-watching TV shows. This is extremely unhealthy for both your body and mind. Attempt to at least get six hours of sleep every night, avoid too much caffeine and try to sneak in a nap or so every day.

Anything in excess can quickly destroy you. Make sure that you don’t succumb to peer pressure or simply develop the unhealthy habit of chain smoking or drinking too much. While this may seem fun at the time, In the long run, this can easily destroy your organs beyond repair.

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